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Over 10 years of working on autism  and special needs in Africa 
Est. 2011

Child Health Improvement Program International (CHIP-I) has been one of the organizations at the forefront of bringing awareness and training regarding autism and neuro-divergent children to educators, parents/caregivers, and healthcare personnel in Africa, specifically Senegal and Ghana over the last decade and more. 

There is severe stigma, a dire need for awareness and knowledge of intervention methods, a lack of resources and a lack of community support when it comes to autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in Africa. The causes of ASD and other developmental disabilities in Africa are often attributed to the supernatural, and the first recourse is often spiritual as well,  leading to even further delay in diagnosis and early intervention. Children with autism in Africa have been known to be locked away or hidden at home by their parents.

CHIP-I focuses on a three-pronged approach to addressing these herculean challenges: 

1. Awareness       2. Identification and Diagnosis       3. Practical Training 


We are proud to say that considerable progress has been made. And yet, a lot more remains to be done. CHIP-I continues to champion the cause of neuro-divergent children with autism and other special needs in Africa.

Join Us

YOU! can help bring awareness, training, intervention and hope 

to children and caregivers affected by autism in Africa

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National Association of Private Special Schools, Ghana
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