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Focus for Health
NY Community Trust

Focus for Health is committed to decreasing the rising trend of both autism and chronic illness triggered by negative environmental influences.

FFH supports all efforts which empower individuals to ask questions and do their research before making any decisions about which foods, products, or procedures they allow, especially for the “vulnerable child.”

The New York Community Trust connects past, present, and future generous New Yorkers with vital nonprofits working to make a healthy, equitable, and thriving community for all.

Through the generosity of New Yorkers who have set up charitable funds with The Trust, The New York Community Trust is able to make grants for a huge range of charitable activity... At The Trust, we champion the causes you care about with smart grantmaking solutions designed specifically to adapt over time.

With nearly 1,700 member organizations, NYCT been building a powerful nonprofit community for 35 years.We can do more good when we do it together.

UCCSMS is an institution with a dynamic and open attitude to medical education.  Our strategic vision focuses on modern medical education.

UCSSMS curriculum has a conscious bias towards the discipline of Community and Public Health. This is because the main burden of disease in our country (as in most African countries) lies in causes rooted in the community.

CABER is focused on research, training for educators and therapists, and providing needed services to the community for individuals with autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disabilities (of all ages), and children who are struggling either academically or behaviorally.

Kansas University

SWIFT Education Center leads the nation in equity-based Multi-tiered System of Support and inclusive education research and services.We believe together we can transform education so that it benefits each and every student, their families, and ultimately the communities in which they live.

The Mission of GES SpED is to work towards the creation for equal educational opportunities for learners and young people with disabilities and special educational needs through the promotion of suitable and sustainable support structures in an inclusive school environment.

Headquartered in Dakar, Senegal, Speak Up Africa is a creative health communications and advocacy organization dedicated to catalyzing African leadership, enabling policy change, securing  resources and inspiring individual action for the most pressing issue affecting Africa’s future: child health.

Special Olympics is a global organization that serves more than 4 million athletes with intellectual disabilities working with hundreds of thousands of volunteers and coaches each year.

National Association of Private Special Schools

The National Association of Private Special Schools (NAPSS) is a national umbrella body representing private schools and organizations which cater for children/adults with special educational/vocational needs and disabilities in Ghana.


The mission and vision of NAPSS is the provision of equal educational opportunities for those with special needs and the removal of the societal stigmatization of such individuals and their families. The Ghanaian system and society should be fully inclusive of these special people.

Learning Differently

Empowering people with the capacity to teach those for whom learning is a challenge defines my work. I believe the answers lie in interactions between teachers and students; for learning is personal, social, cultural and contextual.

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