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Testimonials and Evaluation I


“Excellent. Should be more frequent. Should spread to the other regions. Government officials should also be present.”

This program has been of great help to me. I recommend that it should be done more often so that we can learn more about how to deal with autistic children. I consider the one on one interaction with the child as the best ABA method we can adopt.”

“I have been enlighten(ed). Education for autistic children, I never heard it but now using all the method I have been trained I can extend to any child who has special disability. ABA is my strongest tool. Training must be given to all nation (across). GES and other private institutions must come together to train all teachers so that ABA method will be effective tool in the classroom for people with disability. They are part of us and they don’t need to be rejected.”

“As a nurse on the pediatric ward and a parent I have really benefited by attending the program. I have really been educated and am happy I attended the workshop.”

“The training is excellent and must be done at least once a year. I think letter must be sent to all schools to alert the headteachers in order to allow the teachers to attend the workshop in full. To learn in full so as to help the pupils to adopt to at least the basics in everyday life.” 

“Superb and I suggest it should be organized in other regions. Recommendation: As a participant for this particular workshop, I have acquired adequate skills about handling pupils with Autism. I therefore suggest that there should be continue(d) training at least yearly basis to acquire new skills in handling autistic children.”

“The planning and the presentations were precise and wonderful.     Recommendation: 1.) The need to get a training centre for people who want to be caregivers & teachers.2.) Teaching and learning materials for the ABA methodology. 3. Accommodation to facilitate the one-to-one methodology.”


Diagnosis and Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Learning Disabilities 


November 10th – 13th, 2015 






Prepared by: Emmanuel Kusi Achampong

(CPD Coordinator, School of Medical Sciences,

University of Cape Coast)

“It has really help(ed) me as a person to advocate to others. Recommendation: As a public health educator, I would use the knowledge I have acquired here, relevant to create the awareness and to educate the parents in the Communities I work. Thank very much CHIP International for this in Ghana”

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