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This too shall pass.STAY SAFE!

Letter from CHIP-I Executive Director

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Dear Friends,


We at CHIP International are hoping you are all well at this very challenging time: staying inside with regular hand washing with soap and water, and social distancing even with family, is quite a task (many of us are bored and going stir-crazy). However, these are the main ingredients to fight this corona virus. It seems to be working.

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel events scheduled for April, autism month: Lighting in blue the National Monument de la Renaissance Africaine in Senegal and at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, other gatherings and talks in Ghana, the panel of experts at the the Ecole National des Travailleurs Sociaux au Senegal (ENTSS), and the special day devoted to children with autism where they perform for each other. We are hoping that this last event will be recuperated before mid-June to be scheduled within the specialized centers themselves with all the usual activities as at the Monument.

Our workshops In March in Senegal and in May in Ghana have been put on hold. We are, as many other nonprofits and businesses throughout the world, in a standstill position while this virus passes over.

If there are any questions or concerns that we can respond to, feel free to contact us on the website.

All our wishes of health are with you and yours!




Mary Diop
Executive Director

​CHIP International

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