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June/July 2020

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University of Georgia's Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research (CABER) Institute and CHIP International (CHIP-I) have been collaborating since last year 2019, reviewing possible areas of training they could work on together. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the planned trip to Ghana for students and supervisors in May was scrapped. However, it did not dampen the spirits nor hold back the training to be done. Enter the Parent Enrichment Program! Ta-dah!!! 

The 3 week virtual training covering a total of six groups, was coordinated under the leadership of Kevin Ayers, Professor, Department of Communication Sciences & Special Education and the Co-Director of the CABER Institute, and implemented with the assistance of BCBAs and doctoral students Jessica Herrod, Megan Lee, Sarah Frantz and Andrea Zawoyski. The program consists of a very clear explanation of the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).


This program had already been organized at the University for their clients in light of the pandemic and CHIP-I asked them to transpose it for Ghana for parents, teachers, and caretakers. In addition to the Parent Enrichment virtual training, the CABER Institute has instituted a Telehealth program for parents and caretakers with children with severe special needs, as well as a CABER Tips line for both professionals and caregivers.  


The training, as well as the Telehealth and Tipline services were immensely beneficial to the parents and trainers who participated. CHIP International and UGAs CABER Institute look forward to continuing this partnership in the Fall. The resource material is being translated from English to French by CHIP International in Senegal, with the objective of holding a similar program for Senegalese parents, caregivers and trainers in the near future.

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