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It was a practical, participatory training for 6 teachers from Handiscole - a school which has 1/3 handicapped kids, 1/3 kids whose parents are handicapped and 1/3 kids non-challenged.

We chose a dynamic director, Anna Gaye, to send her most active teachers for this monthly training. We started out on ZOOM for 2 classes but due to internet problems, we switched to physical presence at Najate's special needs center, Elmer.  A van from Elmer went at 6:00 a.m. to pick them up in another town- Rufisque- and brought them to Elmer where they stayed for the day.  A small stipend for gas, the driver, and a prepared lunch worked very well.  They were often joined by teachers from Elmer from time to time.  


Not only was this a good experience for the teachers to get the knowledge from this very passionate teacher, engaged in her work -  which she has been doing for 25 years,  but it is putting centers together to work as a team.

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