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Autism Awareness Month


April 2018

CHIP-I's collaboration with the University of Cape Coast, Ghana was extended again for Autism Awareness Month in 2018. As in the previous year, autism awareness banners were placed in communal places on the campus. In addition, awareness banners were hung on the tree-lined avenue leading from the main gate of the University to the center of the campus. Each banner had a quotation or information to raise awareness and to educate the reader on an aspect of autism.


The collaboration again included radio interviews and a week-long 'Health Tidbit' segment on autism and special needs, particularly as it relates to the local socio-cultural characteristics of the Cape Coast municipality. The interviews and radio spots also provided listeners with information regarding local resources and expertise available to assist with children with autism and special needs.


We aim to make this collaboration an annual mainstay for Autism Awareness Month, supplemented by other awareness programs in Cape Coast or Accra.

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