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Autism Awareness Month


April 2016

Autism Awareness Day, 2016
Grand National Mosque - Accra, Ghana




CHIP International and Autism Action Ghana (AAG) were proud to light up the Grand National Mosque in Ghana, West Africa in blue for Autism Awareness Day, April 2nd 2016! The event reached out to the Muslim community in Ghana, raising awareness and encouraging inclusion of autistic and special needs' children in the community.


Interviews on specifically Islamic programs as well as on programs targeted to the general public were given on local radio and TV stations. One of Ghana’s two biggest radio stations granted airtime on their morning show, and a major TV station was also present to film the event, with clips aired on the 7 pm Sunday news. From Wednesday, March 30th to Saturday, April 2nd, evening calls to worship at local mosques in the area announced the event to the surrounding Muslim community. Community sheikhs, the Ghana Muslim Students Association, and the Ghana Muslim Mission were all represented by their members at the event. The occasion was also used to launch Autism Action Ghana’s “Man Up” initiative aimed at getting more men involved in autism awareness and management.

The event itself included an opening and closing prayer by Sheikh Mohammed Saani of the largest community mosque of the area, addresses by the President of the Ghana Muslim Students Assocation and the Ghana Muslim Mission, representatives of AAG, CHIP International, a guest address by the pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Badoe, and a ‘Man-Up’ launch address by Mr. Peter Fordjor. Light refreshments were also served. 


Participants and attendees were inspired and enlightened, the grand mosque looked splendid, and the view and display could be prominently seen by commuters on the busy major highway which runs by the mosque. At the end of a great night, colorful fireworks lit up the African sky!!!

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