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6th Annual Autism Training Workshop

'INCLUSION II: The Way Forward' 

November 2019

As a follow-up to our 5th Annual Autism Training Workshop (AATW) on Inclusive Education and our Regional Coordinators Training Workshop, CHIP International's 6th AATW in collaboration with our partners the Kansas University Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) Education Center, the Ghana Education Service (GES) Special Education Division (SpED) and the Centre for Child Development Referral and Research, University of Cape Coast Faculty of Basic Education, brought together the regional coordinators, special education training officers, and teacher representatives of schools from across the 10 primary regions of Ghana to provide implementation updates of the training already received as well as for further training on Inclusive Education. In addition to the aforementioned participants, this workshop was also open to educators, parents and caregivers, as well as doctors and the general public.


Under the caption 'Inclusion II: The Way Forward', and incorporating the SWIFT slogan of "ALL Means ALL", the workshop highlighted the Mindset needed by officials and teachers alike to successfully implement school-wide inclusive education,  provided Information and Practical Teaching and Learning Strategies for effective inclusive education, Strategies for Replacement Behavior for Learners with Special Needs, and ways to build much needed Family and Community Involvement for successful inclusive education of children with special needs.


The workshop was facilitated by Drs. Dennis and LaQuanda Carpenter of SWIFT Education Center and Aspirational Insights Consulting, educators with extensive experience in inclusion and equity. They were partnered by Rose Darko and Belinda Bukari of GES SpED. Farouk Illiasu of MultiKids Africa, and Yesutor Amedofu of Autism and IDD Intervention Network (AIDDIN) who had led our Regional Training Workshop for Teachers of Learners with Special Needs earlier in the year.

CHIP-I, SWIFT Education Center and GES SpED continue to be committed to facilitating the successful implementation of Inclusive Education across Ghana to the benefit of ALL children in the country, particularly children with special needs.

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