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Autism Awareness Month


April 2019


Dubbed LOOK OUT!, Autism Awareness month 2019 in Ghana was a collaboration between CHIP International and the University of Cape Coast (UCC) School of Medical Sciences again, but this time included the UCC Faculty of Educational Foundations and the UCC Centre for Child Development Referral and Research as well. Our autism awareness month flags and banners lined up the UCC main campus avenue and both East and West gates of the sprawling University campus were lit up in autism blue.
On Tuesday April 2nd, 2019, courtesy of our partners, there was a lively float through the main streets of Cape Coast - complete with brass band! with flyers handed out for autism awareness. University authorities actually suspended classes for the whole Faculty that day to ensure student participation and in honor of autism awareness! The day ended with a free premier of the movie "OUTLIER' in the evening at the UCC Auditorium 900, attended by over 300 students, parents, teachers and associates. 


It was a great success, and a reminder to LOOK OUT! ​for the signs of autism, LOOK OUT! for methods to teach and reach children with autism and special needs in general, and to LOOK OUT! for ways to support and get involved.

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