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Autism Awareness Month


April 2017


CHIP International (CHIP-I) had another successful Light It Up Blue (LIUB) event at Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine (African Renaissance Monument) in Senegal to mark Autism Awareness Month.


400 kids and adults participated in a day of arts and crafts, panel discussion, community activities and the lighting of the imposing monument in 'autism blue'. The children were bused in from nine Centers around the country, and the day's activities included the sale of arts and craft produced by the children, with all proceeds going back to the respective Centers. The artwork was again displayed at a National African Day exhibition on April 3rd. There were t-shirts and free lunches for about 250 kids, balloons, blue ribbon bracelets, and various party paraphernalia for kids, all from varied sponsors.


The panel discussion consisted of a neuro-pediatrician, a speech pathologist, and the Director of a center for special needs' children. It was held at the Nationale des Travailleurs Sociaux Spécialisés (ENTSS), a West African school for social workers which plans to begin a partnership with CHIP-I. Over 60 students and teachers participated in the forum.


Red Cross volunteers and gendarmes assisted in the activities of the day and the administration of the Monument was most helpful with the organization of the event. Various local media captured the day and broadened the awareness of autism in Senegal.


CHIP-I is most grateful to all those who sponsored, assisted and made our 2017 Senegal LIUB event a success!​

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