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Autism Awareness Month


April 2015

Courtesy of Autism Action Ghana and CHIP International, the Republic of Ghana, for the first time ever, "lit it up blue" in not just one, not two, but three prominent locations in two different regions! The events were covered by radio and TV stations across the country.

The West Hills Mall was the newest and latest shopping center in Ghana, the largest mall in West Africa by square footage. With 2 anchor stores and 65 line shops from Ghana and around the world, it is a popular attraction for shoppers, diners, and sightseers alike.


Thanks to Autism Action Ghana and CHIP International, the West Hills Mall was part of Light it up Blue for autism! Autism Action Ghana operated a stand at the mall during the day, with autism awareness information and merchandise, and as a prelude to the main event - the West Hills Malls in a blue halo.


The Accra Mall is Ghana's first and still its most popular mall. It is also located at one of the busiest interchanges in the whole country. A place to see and be seen.  

Autism Action Ghana and CHIP International hosted a celebrity "Light it Up Blue" blue carpet event at the exclusive Silver Lounge at the Accra Mall, with an autism awareness speech by one of the country's premier child neurologists and a pioneer in autism in Ghana. Dr. Badoe. The event was followed by a screening of two amazing movies on autism at Silverbird Cinemas at the mall - "A Mother's Courage" and "Fly Away". 


The University of Cape Coast is located on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in the leading tourist region of Ghana. The University's School of Medical Sciences is CHIP International's partner in the annual Autism Training Workshop - a first in the region.


Thanks to Autism Action Ghana and CHIP International, the University of Cape Coast lit up the School of Medical Sciences Faculty Administration block and the Students' Hostel in blue, commemorating Light It Up Blue. The event was followed by a movie night for students, and a Wear Blue photo opportunity for students and faculty campus wide the next morning. It was covered on campus radio ATL 100.5 and by local television station Coastal TV for the whole week! 

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