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1st Annual Autism Training Workshop


November 2014

The groundbreaking 1st Cape Coast Autism Training Workshop was conducted by CHIP International and the University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences on November 10th -13th, 2014 at the University of Cape Coast, a scenic university located on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Ghana, West Africa. After a dramatic start and near-cancellation, the workshop went on to be a resounding success, bringing much needed awareness, diagnosis and ABA training to the over 180 total participants.


Attendees were doctors from the Cape Coast Regional Hospital (the training hospital affiliated with the University), medical students from the University, Directors and representatives of special need schools from Cape Coast and the capital city of Accra, therapists, teachers, parents and support groups of autistic and neurologically challenged children. The training was presented by Ms. Casey McFeely, MPH and Mr. Stamatios Gianoumis, MA, BCBA, PhD (ABD) who was able to participate from the US via Skype.


Surveys and feedback conducted after the training showed the effectiveness of the workshop in addressing issues of autism awareness. Practical evidence of the success of the workshop was provided only a few weeks after its completion. A participating pediatrician was able to make a definitive diagnosis of an autistic child with the help of tools provided at the workshop, hitherto unheard of. Parents of the child were then referred to a resource center which had been represented at the workshop, as well as to parent and caregiver support groups in the town which could assist emotionally and practically. 


This is precisely what CHIP International intends to achieve in under-served communities. We look forward to increased successes with more workshops and training and with consistent follow-up sessions with training participants 

Participating Resource Centers and Personnel:
  • Neurology and Dev. Clinic, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

  • Pediatrics Dept., Central Regional Hospital

  • UCC School of Medical Sciences

  • UCC School of Nursing

  • UCC Faculty of Education

  • Centre for Child Dev. Referral and Research Unit

  • ABOOM School for Special Needs

  • Metropolitan Education Office

  • ​Services and Advocacy for People with Intellectual Disabilities (SAPID)

  • Assoc. of Parents of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (APPID)

  • ​Campaign for Learning Disabilities (CLED Ghana)

  • ​MultiKids Academy

  • Autism Awareness Care and Training Center

  • New Horizon School

  • ​REYO Paddock School

  • Autism Action Ghana 

  • Awaawaa2

  • Autism Ambassadors Society of Ghana

  • Autism Society of West Africa

  • Positive Footprints​

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