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CHIP International is a member of the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York

The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, Inc., (NPCC) is the voice and information source for New York nonprofits. NPCC is an umbrella organization representing and serving some 1,500 member nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations throughout New York City, Long Island and Westchester.

Autism Action Ghana seeks to create awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorders in a bid to generate understanding of the disorder amongst the general public, shatter the stigma and facilitate early diagnosis. But perhaps most importantly, AAG seeks to provide families with current clinical and behavioural evidence-based interventions and approaches that will directly impact  our children with autism and equip them to attain their maximum potential.

Headquartered in Dakar, Senegal, Speak Up Africa is a creative health communications and advocacy organization dedicated to catalyzing African leadership, enabling policy change, securing  resources and inspiring individual action for the most pressing issue affecting Africa’s future: child health.

Through the generosity of New Yorkers who have set up charitable funds with The Trust, The New York Community Trust is able to make grants for a huge range of charitable activity so important to the well-being and vitality of the city. We are New York City's community foundation, and one of the largest funders of City nonprofits. Since 1924, The Trust has helped make donors' charitable dreams come true by funding the nonprofits that make New York City a vital and secure place 

​​​Dedicated to advocacy, education, investigation and research that explores the autism epidemic and the causes of chronic illness

  • One of every 68 children in the US is diagnosed with autism
  • The US ranks 34th infant mortality worldwide for children under 5
  • Chronic health issues in the US occur at a rate of $26.6%

The Senegalese Association for the Protection of Mentally Retarded Children was established in 1989 by parents who were determined to bring these ‘different’ children out of obscurity. Since there was no facility providing care and support for mentally retarded children in Senegal at that time, the association decided to build by itself a special psycho-pedagogical center in order to address this issue in a concrete and practical way.

Special Olympics is a global organization that serves more than 4 million athletes with intellectual disabilities working with hundreds of thousands of volunteers and coaches each year.

The UCCSMS is an institution with a dynamic and open attitude to medical education.  Our strategic vision focuses on modern medical education.

The UCSSMS curriculum has a conscious bias towards the discipline of Community and Public Health. This is because the main burden of disease in our country (as in most African countries) lies in causes rooted in the community.


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Donations are tax-deductible