AUTISM in AFRICA: Awareness and Action​​

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Once again, CHIP International lit up the national monument of Senegal the Monument de la Renaissance Africaine in blue to mark La Lumiere Bleue (Light It Up Blue) 2019 on April 2nd for World Autism Day. The imposing statue is the tallest in Africa, and CHIP-I and the administrators of the monument have observed La Lumiere Bleue in Senegal by washing the statue in blue light for the fourth year running.

Other activities for the month are a panel on Inclusion at a regional school on the 20th of April, and then the grand finale of a children's day at the national monument on April 28th. The grand finale will have children singing, dancing and engaged in arts and crafts and theatre performances. It will also include live performances from professional entertainers. Proceeds from the day go to the participating Centres or schools, with over 350 children and adults expected to attend.

Autism Awareness Month 2019, Senegal

credit: Cherif Khoury, videographer

Donations are tax-deductible